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Get Ready For One Of The Most Entertaining Cooking Show

Virtual experience Virtual Cooking show

The Virtual Cooking Show experience is a great way for you to understand the healthier ways of food preparation and cooking. Our LIVE Cooking Presentation is perfect for those that want to have a hands-on experience and dive in and learn with your coach.

Our Cooking Coaches will walk you through a flavorful nutrition-packed meal and provide you valuable information on how to cook healthier and retain the right nutrients in your food!

Virtual Cooking Experience How To Prepare

To make the most of your Virtual Cooking Show experience, you will want to have the following items ready:

  • carrot
  • grater
  • plate
  • glass
  • can
    Bicarbonate Soda
  • dutch-oven

The Virtual Cooking Show will be conducted on Zoom and therefore a stable internet connection is required. Your Presenter will provide you with a unique access code and password prior to your scheduled demonstration.

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