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Experience The Fun, Interactive & Mouth-watering Cooking Show

cooking experience In-Person Cooking show

When booking an in-person cooking show with Master Chef Global, first and foremost, expect to have a great time. Our cooking shows are created to be an experience you won’t forget. Great host, great food = a great time.

The cooking show is not to sell you anything but rather to demonstrate and show you a different way of cooking and its benefits. You will be exposed to an interactive, fun social experience.

Change your cookware, change your life!

In-Person Cooking Experience What To Expect

If you have traveled outside your country of origin in the last 30 days or are having flu-like symptoms, please alert your Cooking Coach and they will act accordingly.


  • Delicious alternatives to oil
  • How to retain 93% nutrition
  • Lower your fat intake


  • Work your cooking coach
  • Use the cookware
  • Socialise with people


  • Nutrition packed meal
  • Only the original taste
  • No need to drain any water

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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Try it for yourself.

Experience a free cooking show in the comfort of your own home or in-person!